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Hospital and Care Home Blinds

Blinds and products for Hospitals and Care Homes often have to cater for a wide range of factors and people, all with different needs. It is important when choosing blinds for health care facilities that consideration is given to hygiene, safety and practicality. Cubicle curtains

Vertical blinds and Roller blinds are practical and are ideal for hospital and care homes, they are easy to use, easy to clean and come in a variety of styles and colours.; Venetian blinds are also easy to use and clean and they can also be angled to give privacy to patients whilst allowing light and a view. Remote control operated blinds allow for easy opening and closing of blinds that are often difficult for some to reach.

We also manufacture and install privacy curtains, cubicle curtains, disposable cubical curtains and cubicle tracks for hospitals, care homes and health care facilities.

Disposable Cubicle Curtains are standard sized cubicle curtains which are increasingly being used by NHS trusts as an alternative to conventional machine washable cubicle curtains. In fact, disposable curtains are being used in over 180 NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK.  Disposable cubical curtains can save money in laundry and fitting costs and look fresh and clean in comparison to conventional curtains that have to be repeatedly washed.
Hospital disposable curtains
We have 2 types of disposable cubicle curtains available:
-  Standard disposable cubicle curtains with reinforced eyelets which are compatible with almost all models of tracking
-  Easy fit disposable cubicle curtains with easy load gilders to reduce replacement time (these curtains require curtain removal point)

Features and benefits of disposable cubicle curtains:

    Ideal for emergency use and can be delivered from stock, the next working day
    Treated with Endurocide – which kills and inhibits MRSA and other bacteria
    Manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene
    Are a fraction of the cost of conventional hospital cubical curtains
    Flame retarded to International Standards
    Easy and quick to install - Especially the easy fit curtains
    Suitable for track widths up to 5.75m with a single curtain
    Fitted with self-auditing labels, showing the date the curtains were last changed
    Equipped with reinforced eyelets which help prevent tearing (standard curtains)
    Permanently pleated as part of the manufacturing process
    Equipped with tie backs ensuring that the curtains will always stack neatly
    Delivered packaged individually in sealed protective transparent polythene bags

Our curtains and blinds can be made-to-measure and are tested to the highest standards.   Within our range we use specialist fabrics that are stain resistant and flame retardant.

Cubicle Tracks
Movatrack is a leading brand of cubicle track, and are in use in many hospitals throughout the world.Movatrack cubicle tracks
Due to their unique blend of properties, design strengths and their long-term cost effectiveness they are practical and reliable and although slim and attractive in appearance they are one of the strongest and safest tracks available.

Movatrack are the only tracking system on the market with roller wheel curtain hooks fitted as standard, giving them two distinct advantages: free-running curtains, and zero maintenance.  After years of intensive use, curtains on Movatrack roller hooks do not jam and the roller hooks run in an enclosed channel.  The flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt-trap and allows for safe and simple cleaning.  The wall fittings are manufactured from die-cast aluminium rather than plastic and their rigid, aluminium profile will span 3m with ease.

Movatrack cubicle tracks with magnetic suspension system
Due to their short span, shower tracks have often posed problems in high risk areas. This system relies only on magnetic attraction to retain its load, there is no mechanical obstruction even if the excess load is applied at an angle to the vertical.  Roller hooks are an essential feature of the Movatrack to ensure that the curtains will always run freely.

Tracks are suspended from wall fixed brackets at each end, L and U shaped tracks have intermediate magnetic suspension hangers

Features and benefits of magnetic suspension system:

    Anti-ligature design brackets
    Suspension by magnetic attraction
    White powder coated tracks with roller hooks / roller runners
    Hidden fixings on brackets
    Reduced risk of client self harm
    Magnetic restraint will not diminish with age or use
    Discreet, attractive and effective
    Simply and quickly reinstated after release

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